Spee-Dee Mixing Tips, 20/pk

96-FD20 Spee-Dee Mixing Tips, 20/pk
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Spee-Dee Build-Up Minxing Tips, pack of 20

Our #: 96-FD20
MFG: Pulpdent
MFG #: FD20
Brand: Spee-Dee
Category: Mixing Products


Moisture Tolerant • Fluoride Releasing • Dual Cure • Radiopaque

Contains No Bisphenol A, No BIS-GMA, No BPA Derivatives

Formulated for one-step post cementation and core build up, ensuring a homogenous, one-piece internal structure.

Cuts like dentin or your money back!

Spee-Dee Build Up is hard like dentin. Rotary instruments transition smoothly from tooth to Spee-Dee and do not ditch, gouge, gum up or chatter.

The unique moisture tolerant chemistry has self-adhesive and self-etching properties. Etching dentin and the use of bonding agents are optional when there is retention form in the preparation.

Clinical Indications
  • Post cement and core build-up
  • Direct bonded core without a post
  • Vital tooth build-up for crown prep
  • Base/liner under restorations
  • Repair lost fillings and broken splints
  • Patch broken cusps and porcelain
Unique Features
  • Unique moisture tolerant resin chemistry
  • Self-adhesive / Self-etching to dentin
  • Etching and bonding agents are optional
  • Automix cartridge with angled tips for controlled dispensing