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Silhouette Nitrous Hood, Pedo, 12/bx

48-SIL-PEDO-12 Silhouette Nitrous Hood, Pedo, 12/bx
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Silhouette Nitrous Hood, Pedo, box of 12

Our #: 48-SIL-PEDO-12
MFG: Porter
Brand: Silhouette
Category: Nitrous Oxide


The Porter SILHOUETTE Nasal Mask's unique design offers many advantages over traditional nasal hoods, including:

  • Unobstructed access to the oral cavity
  • Adhesive strip secures mask in place
  • A more predictable nitrous experience
  • Disposable mask/circuit for improved infection control
  • Enhanced scavenging efficiency for reduced N2O exposure
  • Four sizes for a perfect fit on all patients
  • Easily retrofits to most flowmeters