3M Chairside Zirconia Crown Block, A3.5, 3/bx

10-69952 3M Chairside Zirconia Crown Block, A3.5, 3/bx
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3M Chairside Zirconia Crown Blocks, A3.5, 39mm, box of 3

Our #: 10-69952
MFG: 3M Oral Care
MFG #: 69952
Brand: 3M Chairside
Category: CAD/CAM


New 3M Chairside Zirconia enables you to provide the results you want – and the esthetics you desire – for crown and bridge restorations. Available in two pre-shaded block sizes in eight shades for easy shade matching, 3M Chairside Zirconia boasts the high strength that restorations demand, with a fast sintering time of approximately 20 minutes for a thin walled crown 1, 2. Try 3M Chairside Zirconia to experience the difference it makes in your practice.

With a high flexural strength of over 800 MPa, 3M Chairside Zirconia stands out. It also requires a low minimum wall thickness of just 0.8 mm, enabling you to carry out less invasive preparations and preserve more tooth structure. In addition, 3M Chairside Zirconia’s fracture toughness upholds stringent ISO standards.