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Ultimate Flosser spool refill. Refill contains 2 - 30 yards spools of floss.
Ultimate Flosser complete, contains flosser and 2 - 30 yard spools of floss.
Margin Wax Red 2 oz.
Debubblizer/Surfactant, 8oz Spray Bottle
GHM Shimstock Occlusion Foil ROLL - 8 micron, 8 mm x 5 meter Roll. To test occlusions it accurately detects high spots in any restoration or natural t
Richwil adhesive resin crown and bridge remover, box of 50 removers.
3" x 6" bite registration wax sheets dead soft when heated, single box.
Madame Butterfly .90 micron blue articulating silk, .75" x 18 yard roll.
Madame Butterfly .90 micron green articulating silk, .75" x 18 yard roll.
Madame Butterfly .90 micron red articulating silk, .75" x 18 yard roll.
Replacement Spear Tip for Green Microfil Instrument.
Saliva Ejector Foam Tips, box of 100 Tips.
Debubblizer/Surfactant, 32 oz. bottle with 8 oz. spray bottle
Endoring I & Endoring II Foam Inserts Yellow & Blue. Package of 48 disposable foam inserts. Single use foam inserts can be autoclavable before each us
Green Microfil Composite Instrument - ideal for composite restoration development. Designed for use in the gingival area, autoclavable. Tips at the bl
Endoring II Starter Kit (NO ruler). Includes attachable reusable cup for holding lubricating or EDTA gels. The single use foam can be autoclaved befor
SafeDispense Dual Floss Dispenser
SafeDispense Dual Floss Dispenser
Microfil cosmetic contouring instrument, set of 3 instruments.
Almore Mini Waxer, Complete Unit Contains: #2 PKT tip, #3 PKT tip, a Spoon Tip
Catalina Waterbath 2000 is a smaller version of the popular Catalina Waterbath and is used for Softening Wax. The unit is Equipped with a Stainless St
Pressure Pot 8 Quart.
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