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Bite Wax Sheets - Yellow, 5 Lb. Box.
Light Pink Base Plate Wax Sheets, 5 pound box.
Beauty Soft Pink Wax, 5lb.
Beauty Soft Pink Wax, 5lb.
Base Plate Wax - Pink, Regular, box of 5 pound Base Plate Wax.
Base Plate Wax - Red, 5 Lb. Box.
Occlusal Rim Wax - Soft Pink, U-Shaped with Ressed Base, Package of 100.
Base Plate Wax - Pink Extra-Hard. Beauty Pink Wax, 5 Lb. Box.
Safe-T-Solve Wax Remover - Contains Only Natural Ingredients with no Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Phosphates, or Petroleum Distillates. 1 Gallon Bottle o
Boxing Wax Strips - Red 12" x 1-1/2" x 1/16" (Regular), 5 Lb. Package.
Miltex 10X Light Pink Wax Sheets, 5lb. Box
Boxing Wax Strips - Red 12" x 1.50" x .040" (Extra-Thin), 5 Lb. Package.
Yeti Creation Set Contains: Gray Transparent, White Transparent, Enamel Blue Transparent, Yellow
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