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Elipar Turbo Light Guide, 8mm
Large FingerGuard Basket with 5 Section Inserts (13 3/16" x 8 3/16" x 4"), Fits BioSonic UC 300. Single basket.
5300 & 5300R Accessory Kit, Includes 1 solid side basket, positioning cover, 2 - 600ml beakers
Almore Mini Waxer, Complete Unit Contains: #2 PKT tip, #3 PKT tip, a Spoon Tip
Elipar DeepCure-S Replacement Li-Lon Battery Only
Wax Rite Waxing Unit 110 Volt, Thermostatically controlled with three compartment, Suitable for all types of wax.
Pro-Vac Vacuum Forming Machine 110V
Pro-Vac Vacuum Forming Machine 110V
Tray Magic Trimmer 110V - For Soft Tray Material Including Soft Denture Relines, athletic mouthguards and snore guards, utilizes heated blade. One yea
Litex 680A Curing Light: 75 watt Halogen Lamp, Gun Type. 9 mm Standard Probe, Automatic Timer with Audible Tone. Packaging: Control Unit, Handpiece
Radii-Cal Charger/Plug Pack.
Tray-Vac Vacuum Former, 120V AC, 7 1/2"" W x 9 1/2"" D x 15"" H, 17 lbs
ProForm Vacuum Former, 110 Volt, Single Chambered, Aluminum Construction
Elipar 2500 Halogen Curing Light - 13mm Light Guide Only
LITEX 695LED Pen-Type Curing Light with Dual Intensity Two-phase polymerization. Features 360 degree rotatable light guide, Light intensity of 1, 200
Opti Workstation with Suction and Light, 120 V AC. Size 11""W x 12""D x 8 1/2""H, Weight 14 lbs. Efficient suction fan and filter collect damaging gri
5002 Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ timer, Dimensions: 9 3/8"" x 5 3/8"" x 4"" capacity: 3 3/8 quarts (3.2 liters), Swivel drain, Stainless tank
Multi-Tier Adjustable Tray Stand - Durable Powder Coated Metal Post and Trays, Specially Designed Clamp Brackets, Multi-function Rotary Arm, 360 degre
LITEX 682 Curing Light with Dual Intensity, thumb-control setting for timer and intensity in a two-stage polymerization curing light, Power turbo prob
Scalex 800 Ultrasonic Scaler 25Khz Unit (Does not include Tip)
NEW Dux Alginator, Single speed, White, 110v
Buffalo Econo-Vac - Durable Heavyweight Vacuum Forming Machine, 120 Volt AC.
Coltolux LED Curing Light - Cordless, Pen-Style with Slim Taperless Curing Probe, Auto Shutoff. Complete Unit Contains: 1 Cordless Handpiece, 1 Chargi
Mini-Blast LED Curing Light - Wand Style - High Power, 5 seconds > 1, 000mw/cm2, 20 seconds > 700mw/cm2 - Features Removeable glass tip that does not
5200 Sweep Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ timer, Capacity: 4 1/4 quarts (4 liters), Automatically controlled frequency changes create an ultrasonic cleaning gr
SilverStreak Diamond Model Trimming Wheel 12" Diameter, X-Coarse, 1 inch mounting hole and 1/4 inch thickness to fit most timmers, single wheel.
Radii-Cal LED Curing Light, Light Weight, Radically Powerful, Cordless. Each Radii-cal kit contains: Radii-cal LED curing light
Scalex 830 Ultrasonic Scaler Unit with 30K Tip. System includes handpiece with 8 ft. cord, one autoclavable 30kHz insert, foot pedal control with 6 ft
Scalex 880 Plus Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Unit and 3 Universal Tips.
The Cure LED Corded Curing Light - High/Low Output from 600 to 1200 mw/cm2, Includes AC adapter power supply, 8mm lens, lens wrench
LITEX 696 Cordless LED Curing Light with Dual Intensity, 8.5 mm autoclavable probe with 360 rotation, Two-stage polymerization, Light intensity of 1
Coltolux 75-watt (100-120v) Curing Light, Contains: Unit, 75-watt Bulb, 8 mm Light Guide
Buffalo Wet Model Trimmer - 10" Reversible Carborundum Disc, 1/3 HP motor, 120 Volt AC, 7 Amp Max
Variable Speed Amalgamator
Variable Speed Amalgamator
Handpiece Lux Only. For Use with Symmetry IQ 3000 or Symmetry IQ 4000. Large lightweight ergonomic handle, no cord attached, fiber optic lighting redu
DualTrim Dry Model Trimmer - 10" Diameter, 1/3 HP, 120 V AC.
Buffalo Wet Model Trimmer - 10" Reversible Carborundum Disc, 1/2 HP motor, 120 Volt AC, 9 Amp Max
Silamat S6 - Universal Mixing Device for Amalgam, Glass Ionomer Cements and Other Predosed Dental Materials in Capsules and Injection Capsules. Rotati
Buffalo Wet Model Trimmer - 12" Reversible Carborundum Disc, 1/2 HP motor, 120 Volt AC, 9 Amp Max
SpeedStir Digital Amalgamator
SpeedStir Digital Amalgamator
DualTrim Dry Model Trimmer - 10" Diameter, 1/2 HP, 120 V AC.
Ultramat 2 Amalgamator - High Speed Multi Use Mixer for Triturating All Types of Encapsulated Dental Materials. Microprocessor-Controlled Timer, Low V
Capsule Mixer CM-II Digitally Controlled High Speed Triturator with both Manual and Pre-Rrogrammed Timing Modes. Will work with virtually All of today
Accucast Complete - Casting Machine with Precalibrated Balancing, Rugged Snap-in Cradles Centrifugal Construction, 19.3"" x 45.5"" x 12.5", Complete U
LED Blast Cordless Curing Light - Utilizes a chip-on-board LED Module to Create Exceptional Performance. Each Unit Comes Complete with 11 mm Autoclava
StepLight SL-1, for incremental light curing of layers.
CAMMY USB Intraoral Camera with Software & Digital Zoom. Connects to your computer via USB port. Features 4 lamp white LED illumination, built-in lens
Mobile Lab Station with Suction. LabStation is a Rolling Lab Cart with a Built-in Powered Suction Drawer. Pre-wired 6-outlet (120 volt) Power Strip (w
Blast-Lite LED Curing Light - Wand Style - High Power, 5 seconds > 1, 600mw/cm2, 20 seconds > 900mw/cm2 - Features Removeable glass tip that does not
Laser Pinsetter System, 120 V Laser Pinsetter. A Fast and Convenient Machine with 1/8 ID Chuck for Locating and Drilling Dowel Pin Holes utilizing Las
ProphyBrite Air Polisher - Unit Kit in Black. Delivers a fine sodium bicarbonate and water spray for easy removal of plaque and stains. Offers chair-s
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