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GC Capsule Applier III.
Glass Ionomer Aplicap Applier, Single Applier
Restorative Dispenser for Composite Capsules
Systemp.c&b Refill Cartridge Dispenser, single dispenser.
GC Capsule Applier IV, Single Applier.
Wave - 20 Gauge Syringe Tips for Low Viscosity, Black, Bulk Pack of 200.
Dispenser Manual 50 ml, Single Dispenser.
Compcore AF Type 25 Applicator Gun.
Jet Bite Dispenser for 50/75 mL Cartridges. #C6900 for S-type 50 ml & 75 ml cartridges, used w/ Affinis, Jet Bite/Blue, Magic FC, CoolTemp
Ultra Trim E-Z Squeeze Universal Dispensing Gun 10:1, Single Dispenser.
Glass Ionomer Maxicap Activator, Single Activator
GC Plastic Syringe Tips, Package of 100 Tips. #159300
Dispenser Only. For 25 ml ParaCore Automix. Single Dispenser.
Garant 4:1/10:1 Dispenser With Plunger
Riva Capsule Applicator 2.
Dispensing Gun Type-50, Single Gun.
Type 50 4:1/10:1 Applicator Gun with Slide. Used with LuxaTemp Fluorescence, LuxaTemp Automix Plus, StatusBlue Automix and LuxaBite.
GC NDS Cartridge Dispenser II Impression material dispenser (48 ml). Makes EXAFAST NDS easier to extrude. #152101
GC Cartridge Dispenser 2 New Delivery System NDS - 75 ml. #152102
Garant 1:1/2:1 Dispenser With plunger
RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement - Activator/Applier Aplicap Combination Pack
Glass Ionomer Maxicap Applier, Single Applier
Automix Dispensing Gun, Type-25, 1:1.
RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement - Activator/Applier Maxicap Combination Pack
Composite Dispenser, accepts all composite compules - Has a special patented ergonomic mechanism for comfortable handling. The top flange is pulled ba
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