Sterisil 365 Day Straw - Municipal

195-S365m Sterisil 365 Day Straw - Municipal
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Sterisil 365 Day Straw - Municipal or water with TDS of 101ppm or greater

Our #: 195-S365m
MFG: Sterisil
MFG #: S365M
Brand: Sterisil Straw
Category: Infection Control


The new Sterisil Straw V2 eliminates the hassle of dropping daily tablets and provides worry-free waterline disinfection for 365 days!  As an added bonus, the Straw has a built-in shock treatment which releases automatically to kill preexisting bacteria.  The Sterisil Straw has a quantified EPA claim of ≤10 CFU/ml HPC purity and features a Luer Lock fitting, reducing installation and replacement time down to a minute.