Monobond Plus Refill 5g Bottle

28-626221 Monobond Plus Refill 5g Bottle
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Monobond Plus Refill 5g Bottle

Our #: 28-626221
MFG: Ivoclar Vivadent
MFG #: 626221
Brand: Monobond Plus
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry


Monobond Plus is a universal primer promoting an adhesive bond between luting composites (particularly the Variolink and Multilink product lines) and all indirect restorative materials (glass and oxide ceramics, metal, composites, fiber-reinforced composites).


  • Monobond Plus serves as bonding agent and is used to create a durable chemical bond between luting composites and glass/oxide ceramic, metal, composite, and fiber-reinforced composite restorations.