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GC NDS Intra-Oral Tips (White, Curved) for Pink, Aqua or Universal Mixing Tips, 100 Tips. #150100
NDS Intra-oral Yellow Mixing Tips, Bag of 100 Tips.
GC NDS Mixing Tips - 2LL (Monophase and Heavy - Purple), 48 tips. #153048
GC NDS Mixing Tips - 2S (Injection - Pink), 48 tips. #153148
Mixing Tips - Type 2L Tray Aqua 48/Pk. NDS mixing tips are automix and universal mixing cartridge tips for various dental procedures.
Mixing Tips - Type S Yellow 48/Pk. Mixing Tips Type S are used for NDS automix and universal mixing cartridges.
GC NDS Cartridge Dispenser II Impression material dispenser (48 ml). Makes EXAFAST NDS easier to extrude. #152101
GC Cartridge Dispenser 2 New Delivery System NDS - 75 ml. #152102
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