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Replacement Screws for Odyssey Diode Laser Foot Pedal, Door Screws, Single set.
3 Watt Replacement Bulb for Premier Cartridge Warmer.
1.5mm Glass Bead refill, replacement beads for older sterilizer and mirror warmer devices, 2 oz package of beads.
Rubber Feet - Noise-Dampening 1/4"D, Mounting Bolts 3/4""L for Attachment to Most Model Trimmers, 4 per Package.
Small Parts Basket For BioSonic UC125 and UC100XD Units, single basket.
Replacement Bulb 24V 150W T4 Shape
Replacement Bulb 24V 150W T4 Shape
Radii Plus Diagnostic Adapter Tip.
DCI Replacement 2-Liter Water Bottle
DCI Replacement 2-Liter Water Bottle
Odyssey Diode Laser Safety Sign (5 W), Single sign.
Odyssey Diode Laser Foot Pedal Hexdriver, single hexdriver.
Eye Protection Shield, Amber, Fits Litex 695 LED, Litex 695C & Litex 696 Cordless curing lights
Odyssey Diode Laser Key, Single key.
Radii Light Shield, Small, Box of 5 Shields.
Curing Shield, 4 7/8"" W x 10"" L, single shield.
Replacement Drain Filters For BioSonic Ultrasonic Cleaners UC125 and UC100XD, package of 3 drain filters.
9 Volt Battery for Odyssey Diode Laser Foot Pedal, Single Replacement 9 Volt Battery.
Replacement Shield with Rod, Without Flexible Neck.
BioSonic replacement drain tube (3/4ID), single drain tube.
Tooth Shape Curing Shield, 5 1/2"" W x 11"" L, single shield.
Radii Light Shield Large.
Replacement Cover for JS Dental Grinding Box (D007-2), Single replacement cover.
Radii Plus Tacking Tips Set (1mm and 2mm openings).
Replacement Sleeve for JS Dental Grinding Box (D007-2), Single sleeve.
Cure-Shield Handheld Visible Light Shield, can be sterilized in cold solution, Single Shield.
Radii Plus Light Shield, Pack of 5 Shields.
Radii Plus Lens Caps, Box of 25 Caps.
Mini Protection Shields for Plasma Arc Probes & Litex 695C, Pack of 100 light filtering tips.
MiniProtection Shields, Fit 9 mm Probes, Package of 100.
Fusion Tacking/Exam Tips, 3mm Black, pack of 10.
BioSonic UC 100 Single Beacker Holder, holds 600 ml Beaker.
BioSonic Borosilicate Ultrasonic Cleaner Beaker (600 ml) with Cover and Positioning Ring. Can be used with the UC95 Digital, UC125, UC100, UC300 & UC1
Odyssey Handpiece Tips Straight, Box of 20 Tips.
Handpiece Tips 60 Degree, Box of 20 Tips.
Coltolux LED Light Lens, Box of 25.
Replacement Pen with Knife Edge Tip.
Workbench Suction Drawer Filters, Package of 3.
Quick-Stick Adhesive-Backed Coarse Abrasive Disks, 10"" (with 2"" Center Hole), Package of 6 Disks.
Odyssey Diode Laser Fiber Locking Mechanism, Single fiber locking mechanism.
Replacement Bulb for curing light, 12V 75W for LITEX 680A & 682.
Odyssey 2.4G Diode Laser Wireless Receiver Only.
Paradigm LED Curing Light Curing Discs Only, pack of 5
Light Shields - Disposable Curing Tip Funnel, fits any 8 mm Light Guide, Helps Focus Light on Composites and Minimize Site Contamination. Fits Coltolu
BioSonic Ultrasonic Scaler Retrofit Replacement Filter, 5 micron, package of 1 - 5 micron filter.
Focu-Tips 9.5 mm, Cold Sterilizable, Box of 2 Tips.
Focu-Tips 8 mm Sterilizable, Box of 2 Tips.
Focu-Tips 9 mm Sterilizable, Box of 2 Tips.
Focu-Tips 12 mm Sterilizable, Box of 2 Tips.
Replacement Bulb for Labolight LV-III.
Odyssey Diode Laser Replacement Power Cord, Single power cord.
BioSonic Ultrasonic Scaler Replacement Filters, 5 micron, package of 10 - 5 micron filters
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