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Cocoa Butter 10 gm tube.
Zinc Oxide Powder 1 lb Box.
Light-Curing Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste kit, 8 gram syringe, applicator & mixing pads.
Ketac Glaze Light-Cured Varnish, 2.5g Bottle
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Ivoclean Cleaning Paste Refill, 5g
Ivoclean Cleaning Paste Refill, 5g
Panavia 21, 6 ml Oxygard II Syringe.
Panavia 21 ED Primer Liquid A, 4 mL Bottle.
Panavia 21 ED Primer Liquid B, 4 mL Bottle.
GC Cavity Conditioner - 20% polyacrylic acid and 3% aluminum chloride hexahydrate, 5.87 mL Bottle. #000110
Bioactive Dentin Substitute, box of 5 - .18 ml unit dose capsules.
GC Fuji Coat LC - Light-Cured Glass Ionomer Sealant, 5.2 mL Bottle. #000176
Ionosit Microspand dental office kit: 2 operatory trays, each with five 0.3 gram syringes and 1 coated pad.
Bioactive Dentin Substitute, .18 ml unit dose Capsules, Box of 15 capsules.
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