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Tie-on Mask - SKY BLUE, Ultra High Filtration PFE 99.7 at 0.1micron, Ultra Sensitive, Ultra Breathable
Fog-Free Surgical Mask - Blue, Pleat-Style with Ties, Foam Band, BFE > 96% at 3 micron
Soft Touch II Surgical Mask - Blue, Non-Allergic, Pleat-Style with Horizontal Ties, BFE >= 96% at 3 micron
Tie-On Face Masks, box of 50
Surgical Tie-On Mask Blue, 50bx
ComFit Super High Filtration Fluid Resistant Mask, Blue Tie-on with Antifog Foam Strip and 99% PFE at 0.1 micron, Box of 40 masks. #20336
ComFit Super Sensitive Mask - White, Tie-on with 99% PFE at 0.1 micron, Hypoallergenic, Latex-Free Cellulose Inner Lining
Com-Fit Tie-On Easy Breathe Procedural Mask, Blue, PFE 97% at 0.1 micron, Differential Pressure of 0.57
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